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Congestion is expected during the Obon holiday period​​

Period from 8/13 (Sat) to 17 (Wed)

For reservations and inquiries, please contact the number below​.

TEL 0465-20-3361

Walking around town in a yukata in the summer

Town walking yukata plan

4,400-(tax included)

It is a plan that allows you to casually wear a yukata and enjoy walking around the city.

​ How about enjoying fireworks and summer festivals in a yukata?

○Set contents○

Yukata, obi, clogs, purse, underwear

You can also add a hair set and various accessories as an option.

Hair set(Reservation required)・・・¥1,100-​ ~

​​Brand Yukata(rank up)・・・¥1,100-

band(rank up)・・・¥550-


geta(size up)・・・¥330-

Basket bag, Shingen bag...¥330-

hair ornaments···¥330-

Obi cord...¥330-

Returned two days later...¥1,500-

All option prices include tax.

In addition to rental items, we also have many small items in the store.

​ Please inquire about options at the time of booking.

*When wearing a white yukata, the underwear may be transparent, so please bring your own underwear.

*Please make a reservation by the day before if you want to use hair styling.

*Please bring your identity verification document (driver's license, passport, insurance card, etc.) when you visit us.

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